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Current Issue (Issue 159)

Thought of the Week:- "A long life may be good enough, but a good life is never long enough."
Blinkx:- http://www.blinkx.com/ Free. Windows Based.

Blinkx is a free search tool which searches the relevant information for you by analyzing your reading habits. There is no need to put search term or keywords. This tool thinks and links for you, eliminates the need for keywords or complex search methods, easily finding the information you seek whether it is on the Web, in the news or buried deep within files on your PC. It uses the latest self-learning algorithms to understand the context of what you are reading on your computer screen, such as documents, e-mails, Web sites, news articles, blogs and even videos. As you scroll through the text, blinkx works in the background to instantly connect to related information on the Web and on your PC. Once loaded, blinkx continually reviews what you are reading and sweeps the Web and your computer - silently and in the background - to generate links related to the concepts. These links change and refresh as you scroll through your information. By highlighting a word or paragraph, blinkx will restrict its search only to information related to the selected text. There are two ways to work with blinkx -

Reactive Search generates recommended links without the user having to do anything - just click the mouse on the toolbar on top of the screen and a pop-up menu provides a collection of links to related information and summaries of their content.

Proactive Search allows users to click on an icon that rests in the system tray to input ideas using a natural language query (or old-fashioned keywords) to manually search for related concepts. These concepts are delivered according to where the information is available, on the Web, in the news or on your computer. You can even specifically search for things just in your email, or for only Word documents etc.

The features of the software are -

Blinkx channels scout for information in all the places relevant to you. Links to information are provided through five dedicated blinkx channels - General Web sites; Web-based news sources; Web-based video and audio sources; Web logs (blogs); local hard drive.

Blinkx scouts for information in all locations relevant to you. Blinkx not only searches the Web, but your local hard drive. In the near future, blinkx will offer the ability to search other data locations, such as an attached hard drive or networked PC.

Blinkx scouts for information in all digital formats relevant to you. When searching various data locations, blinkx will search for over 200 media types, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, attachments to e-mails, Acrobat PDF files and even video and audio clips.

It doesn't collect any personal information and respects privacy.


Site of the Week:- http://www.the-science-lab.com/

The-Science-Lab.com a comprehensive directory of science related websites. It is neatly divided into various subject categories and for each categories it is again divided into subcategories. However this directory provides good collection of the websites and all the sites are reviewed before inclusion, there is no search feature available. The site could have been more useful if search feature would have been provided.

That's all for this week. See you next week.

Madhuresh Singhal