ISSUE -1 (12.06.2001)


ISSUE -1 (12.06.2001)

Quote of the week-:

"I care not what others think of what I do, but I care very much about what I think of what I do"

ZONEALARM-: WINDOWS 9X/2000/NT/ME, free for personal use. www.zonelabs.com

First of all, I wanna talk about computer security. ZoneAlarm is an easy-to-use
Internet security utility that sets up a personal firewall. Computers with such an always-on 
connection have a permanent IP address, making them especially vulnerable to information theft and other attacks. ZoneAlarm lets us to select one of three security levels to separately apply to local and Internet traffic. In addition, we can designate which programs on our computer are allowed to access the Internet. Anytime an event occurs that ZoneAlarm blocks, we're notified with a pop-up window that details the offense and asks how to respond to future occurrences. The program also provides integrated protection against VB script email attachments. Its system-tray icon even provides a handy menu that enables us to disable all Internet activity with a mouse click. We can also set this "lock up" to activate automatically after a selected period of inactivity or whenever your screen saver activates. Detailed logging of all activity is maintained.  Zonealarm was the topmost download of the year 2000 according to Zdnet. One can check it on system ncsi-149. 

DNS2GO-: www.dns2go.com

This service is particularly useful, if we have the dial-up connection and we want to run our own website. Actually, for dial-up connection, we can't have static IP address, which is essential for providing Internet services. www.dns2go.com provides the necessary link between dynamic IP address and static domain name. We have to sign-up with the service, download and install its 
client (900 KB) utility. In the sign-up process, the service allows to select a domain name of the form (yourname.dns2go.com) and makes the necessary alterations to link this domain name to your current IP address.

The client continuously works in the background and keeps on updating the 'domain name'-IP equation so that any other remote computer application that tries to access your machine through this domain will get your current IP address and becomes capable of accessing your Net services. This means your machine is now all set to host Net services such as web server, mail server, 
FTP server and news server.

Now the next step is to host a site in our PC. To accomplish this, we need to install a web server that responds to requests from other clients distributed across the Net. Now after configuring the web server, we need to copy the pages into the assigned directory. Now one can type the webaddress (yourname.dns2go.com) and the hosted pages can be seen by others. To access this 
site, we should keep our machine on; it should be connected to the Net and, of course, the DNS2Go client and web server should be running. One can check this by typing the website address "madhur.dns2go.com", if I am online, it will show the Test page (I haven't hosted the pages) otherwise it will connect to www.dns2go.com amd will display the message "The User is Currently Offline........".  One more thing, if the user is offline, he can redirect the requests to any other link.

Mail Server (MDaemon)-:  www.deerfield.com/products/

We can run our own mail server that helps us provide e-mail addresses of the form clientname@madhur.dns2go.com (for example:madhuresh@madhur.dns2go.com, using above service) and your friends/acquaintances can send/receive mails in this address. We can download the mail server program 'MDaemon' (9 MB), available at the link: www.deerfield.com/products/. After downloading and installing the program, we can run this service.

After setting up the program properly, we can create an account for the users to whom we want to provide the e-mail facility through our mail server. A user created this way can start sending e- mails in the new address. I have downloaded this programme (at ncsi-167) but still I am not able to setup this. This is somehow complicated and when i'll be able to do this, I'll let you know.

FTP server (FTP Serv-U)-: www.deerfield.com/products 

FTP (file transfer protocol) server is developed for the reliable and efficient transfer of all types of files from one machine to the other over the Net. Now if, we have files that are too big to send by e-mail, one alternative is to seek the help of an administrator who controls an FTP server to provide some space and the necessary permission to upload the files that can later be downloaded by 

This may not be possible every time. Alternatively we can install an FTP server and use along with the DNS2Go utility. We can download the FTP server program (1.5 MB) 'FTP Serv-U' from www.deerfield.com/products and after setting up, we can run our own FTP server..

TALASH: A Desktop Search Engine-: www.italash.com

shareware (one month trial). fully supported version is of $14.99. Talash is an advanced search utility that can retrieve information from the hard disk, Internet, intranet or your network. It is a very powerful integrated search software that can also search for documents on the hard disk based on the file name or even by the contents. This is done by creating an index of hard disk contents. So, the benefit is , if we forgot the file name, then we can search by the contents of the file. The most relevant documents will come first irrespective of the file format. Now again one can use the feature "similar to this" by selecting a document. We can set the minimum and maximum word length and number of words to be indexed. One advanced feature is that, we can compare the content of one file to all other indexed files. Another feature is "thesaurus" and "sounds like". They takes into consideration the synonyms of the word and similar words. 

One can search on the net without launching the browser. 3 categories of search are there. "Search Engine", "Shop on the Net" and "Find People". The results are categorized into different columns that can be sorted. Talash will calculate the relevance dynamically whether the search site will display the results according to relevance or not. Summary of each page can also be viewed. Talash has also its own Internal browser. Check boxes are provided against each result. Now one can select the results and can "Download search results". While installing Talash, a "tBar" also appears above all other windows, so that one can invoke the search any time. In one review, it has been said that this is the best desktop search application ever to come out of India. Talash Technologies is a Mangalore based company. One can check it on the system csi-165.

Some Must Visit Websites-: http://www.brint.com

This is a portal which includes information about whatever we need. In one review it has been said that.... "If BRINT doesn't have it, then you probably don't need it." and "Best web site for information systems professionals". 

That's all for this week. See you on next week. bye.


Quote of The Week:-

"We create our tomorrow based on what we envision tomorrow to be".

Quickbrowse:- www.quickbrowse.com

Till now, we were familiar with metasearching but now there are some services available on net called themselves as "metabrowsing" sevices. We used to check certain websites regularly or even sometimes several times a day. So for making it easy Quickbrowse came with a solution, which is to create your own super page/s. What we have to do is that simply list a bunch of web addresses for the pages we used to check regularly and Quickbrowse strings them together into one long, scrollable web page. All of the content, including graphics, is preserved and all of the links work. When we click on a link, a separate window opens for the new page, so we can always return quickly to our Quickbrowse page.
Once we assemble a Quickbrowse page, we can save it at the site's home page so you can quickly retrieve it again without retyping all the addresses. We can also bookmark the pages (other simillar sites are not providing this service). Every time we call up the super page, it gets updated. One can create multiple pages. We have the option also to get our Super pages via e-mail. I've created a Super page containing some newsletters sites (such as Internet Newsletter, Zdnet Newsletter etc.), which I'm getting via e-mail. These pages I've downloaded and saved in csi-165 in c:\quickbrowse directory. One can have a look on them.

Yogi:- www.purpleyogi.com

The Yogi is intelligent, personalized, Internet content discovery application that automatically links Internet content of interest directly to you. The Yogi Internet Discovery System learns about your interests and uses this knowledge to bring you the most recent, relevant content from the best sources on the Web. 

We have no need to search by our own for the latest information on the topic of our interest. Yogi will categorize our interest in different areas and present the links of articles related to that area. As we read any article, it will understand and learn the main idea of the article and then it will suggest other related articles. 

Yogi refines the personal profile over time (according to our browsing habit), receives fresh metacontent updates several times a day, add new topics and keeping one abreast of the information important for us. One can check the functioning of Yogi on the system csi-149.

DNS2GO Update:- In last issue, I've mentioned DNS2GO service. In this service, if we have more than one domain, we can't logon to more than one domain at any given time (because of permanent IP address problem). But now they have introduced Multiple Domain Support. By grouping several domains together, we need only to logon with one domain only, and the other domains will point to that same IP address.

Windows Tips:- For renaming the recycle bin, we have to modify the registry. The change in Registry allows us to rename and/or delete the Recycle Bin as if it was a
normal folder by rick-clicking the icon.
By setting the value of "Attributes" to "70 01 00 20", we will be able to rename and/or delete Recycle Bin by right-clicking it.

Value Name: Attributes
Data: (70 01 00 20=enable, 40 01 00 20=default)