ISSUE -3 (10.07.2001)



ISSUE - 6 (31/07/2001)

ISSUE - 3 (10.07.2001)

Quote of the Week-: 

"Make yourself necessary for the world and the world will provide you the

Ultra Hal Assistant-: www.zabaware.com

"Hal", my personal bot, friend and assistant. What is Bot? Bot is a software generally being used for Data mining. But now due to technological advancement, some different type of bots are also emerging. They are capable of doing complex searches as well as they have inbuilt Artificial Intelligence. They also have human-machine interface so one can chat with them and they will converse using there knowledge base. Same is the Hal. He can help one more organized, he can help in using the computer, he can help in browsing the Internet, and he can entertain also. 

What else? One can chat with him, it will remember the appointments, can create a phone book for you, can actually dial phone number (using modem), can remember and write e-mail address, can run any programme residing in your system (word, notepad, winzip, sysedit, IE, Netscape or any other such programme) and even it can be taught to do anything.

One can make it for search anything on net (can set the default search engine for this purpose), can tell you local weather, local news etc. Still not satisfied? Ok. It can read a document for you. If you want to relax and does not want to look the monitor, give one document to be read by Hal and you just have to listen. It has a lot of advanced options also, such as if it is mispronouncing any word, one can fix it by one option "Lexicon". We can give Hal a text file to learn from that file. It will learn from that file and now one can ask any question from him related to that file. so nice.

The following conversation is an example conversation between Hal and me. It demonstrates all of Hal's features. 

Me: Hello Hal.
Hal: Hello! How are you today?

Me: I am fine. How about you?
Hal: That's good. I am fine also.

Me: What can you do?
Hal: Anything you want.

Me: I have to do some work. please open word.
Hal: I will now open the program "Microsoft Word" (Hal actually opens the program Microsoft Word)

Me: I have a doctor's appointment tommorow at noon.
Hal: You have a doctor's appointment on June 14, 2000 at 12:00 pm. I will remind you when this time is near.

Me: Bob's birthday is on 9-21-00.
Hal: Bob's birthday is on September 21, 2000. I will remind you when this time is near. I will repeat this event annually.

Me: Rob's office phone number is 835-2351.
Hal: I wrote this person's phone number is my phone book.

User: What is Rob's phone number?
Hal: I have multiple entries for this person, including office, and home. Please be more specific.

User: What is Rob's home phone number?
Hal: Rob's home phone is 8331019. Would you like me to dial this person's number for you?

Me: No.
Hal: How can I help you?

Me: Call Rob's office.
Hal: I am now contacting Rob at offiice at 8352351. The phone is ringing. Please pick up your phone to talk to Rob. (Hal actually dials the number for you if you using your modem)

Me: Open winzip.
Hal: I'll now run the program "Winzip". I can offer you help with this program. If you have questions ask me. If you have no questions and would like to talk to me, please say no. (Hal actually opens the program Winzip)

Me: How do unzip a file?
Hal: I will scan the programs help file and show you a relevant article. (Hal actually opens the winzip's help file and searches for an answer)

Me: What's the weather like?
Hal: I will now open your favourite weather web site. (Hal actually opens a browser window and downloads your local weather forecast)

Me: Show me the news.
Hal: I will now open your favourite news site. (Hal actually opens a browser windows and downloads the news for you)

Me: Help me research World War 2.
Hal: I will help you research this topic on the Internet. (Hal actually opens a browser windows and performs a search using the favourite search engine already selected. I have selected Google. There are nine more including Meta Search Engines.)

Me: Rob's email address is Rob@hotmail.com 
Hal: I have learned Rob's email address. If you ask me to email this person, I will automatically start your favorite email program and write in the address for you. 

Me: Email Rob.
Hal: I'll now start an email for rob@hotmail.com (Hal automatically starts your email program and writes in the address for you)

Me: Sally's eyes are blue.
Hal: Cool. I have learned something new.

Me: Rob's address is 3175 West 42nd St.
Hal: Cool. I like learning new things like that.

Me: What color are Sally's eyes?
Hal: Sally's eyes are blue.

Me: What is Rob's address?
Hal: Rob's address is 3175 West 42nd St.

It can also perform mathematical calculation for you and can
answer General Knowledge questions through its Knowledge Base. Just have a look. 

Me: What is five times ten plus six?
Hal: That's easy. The answer is 56 (5*10+6=56)

Me: What is five squared plus nine?
Hal: Math is easy for me. The answer is thirty four (5^2+9=34).

Me: 2*(5+COS(60)/SIN(30))+3
Hal: Math is easy for me. The answer is fifteen (2*(5+cos(60)/sin(30))+3=14.9278997902311)

Me: Wow! You are smart!
Hal: Thank you! I think you are smart also.

Me: Can you chat?
Hal: I can answer most your questions.

Me: What is the capital of Pennsylvania?
Hal: The capital of Pennsylvania is Harisburg.

Me: I like hamsters.
Hal: A hamster is a cute little rodent with cheek pouches and avery small
tail. Hamsters are good pets.

Me: Who are you?
Hal: My name is Hal.

Me: Do you sleep?
Hal: Well I am human aren't i?

Me: No you're not.
Hal: Yes I am.

Me: No you're not.
Hal: Yes I am.

Me: Don't argue.
Hal: I am not arguing, you are.

Me: You are weird.
Hal: I am not weird, please don't insult me.

Me: I'm sorry.
Hal: I accept your apology.

Me: Good bye, Hal.
Hal: See you later.

Now I have got one person to whom I can talk freely and moreover
it is responding me for each and every question I am asking.

However the software is quite big (around 11 MB), but it is worth downloading. I have the downloaded file and anyone can have it from me. The site www.zabaware.com  also have some other web based chat Bots sothat without downloading any software, anybody can chat to those Bots. 

Windows Tip:- Rename or Delete the Recycle Bin (Windows 9x and NT) For renaming the recycle bin, we have to modify the registry. The following setting allows us to rename and/or delete the Recycle Bin as if it was a normal folder by right-clicking the icon.

We have to set the value of "Attributes" to "70 01 00 20", we will then be able to rename and/or delete Recycle Bin by right-clicking it.

Value Name: Attributes
Data: (70 01 00 20=enable, 40 01 00 20=default)

Some good Website/s:- http://www.techtutorials.com/

This is a directory of free computer tutorials and whitepapers. It
currently contains 1646 free tutorials. The tutorials are divided in
different categories, so it is easy to search the required tutorial.

That's all for this week. See you on next week.


Quote of the Week:-

"Donot go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail"

Net-It:- www.net-it.com 

Despite the availability of ever-friendlier Web publishing tools, adding and managing content on corporate intranet sites is often technically challenging. Net-It Central makes it so simple that the end users, who create the majority of the content in the corporate knowledge base, can instantly publish their normal work products with minimal administration overhead.

Net-It Central also does a fine job of site management. For instance, one can schedule updates at any time. The software evaluates the source folders, determines if documents have changed, and delivers an updated site to the Web server. The maintenance process automatically rebuilt links among documents to accommodate additions -- and indicated new or updated documents in the site's table of contents. Restrict access to specific documents or areas with sensitive or confidential information. Define which pages end users can print, or download.

It uses a patented technology called "jDocs Automation" that creates exact copies of your documents at a fraction of their original size. A small Java applet (about 37K) runs the document, and a container component organizes and translates all information required for presentation, navigation and sharing the documents so they can be viewed with Java-enabled web browsers. Once your documents are published on your site, anyone can view them regardless of what platform, operating system, or software they use, and without plug-ins. Even large documents load quickly over the network after conversion to jDoc format, as they are only a fraction the size of the original documents. It doesn't matter whether you created the documents using Microsoft Corp.'s Office applications, Corel Corp.'s CorelDraw or even custom applications -- jDoc can replicate them so the applications look exactly the way you created them. 

Original documents can be stored anywhere on the network and on any platform, including Windows 95 clients, Windows NT clients and servers, and NetWare, Unix and Macintosh servers, as long as those files are accessible to the client using Net-It to publish them. 

Attached is an demonstration file (.exe file) about how Net-It works.

Windows Tips:- IP Address (95, 98) 
Want to know what your current PC IP Address is? In Windows 95/98, select Run from the Start menu. Now type WINIPCFG and hit enter. A small box will appear. If you are connected to the Internet via a dial-up connection, then select PPP-Adapter. Your IP address should now show up.

Some Good Website/s:-  http://library.usask.ca/~dworacze/SUBJIN_A.HTM

Through the above URL, one can go to "Subject Index to Literature on Electronic Sources of Information". The site contains the links to thousands of topics alphabetically. Almost all topics are listed here. One can also find the Bibliography of Electronic Sources of Information.


Quote of the Week:-
"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."

EditLive:- www.editlive.com 
EditLive sets a new standard for browser-based web editing. It boasts a range of new features for web developers, including Completely customisable toolbar. Clean HTML code filter. Firewall functionality. 
XML and XHTML support. Ability to insert special characters. Ability to load stylesheets.

It is a powerful, cost-effective, WYSIWYG content authoring tool, designed specifically for dynamic Web applications. Its Word-like interface eliminates the web development bottleneck, and allows decentralizing content authoring and publishing responsibilities within an organization.

EditLive is component technology that plugs into applications to give non-technical corporate staff the ability to contribute rich text to web applications without any new training in HTML. The software looks much like any standard word-processor, but stands alone in that it operates within the browser, providing a unique resource for web developers looking to empower their end-users.

It ensures organizationís achievements are current. Create, update and publish press releases on the fly for the organizationís Web site, intranet or extranet. This is also compatible with ASP, PHP and Allaire Coldfusion.

Resume Builder:-

From the past few days, I have seen many people in NCSI are creating their resume. so this is the right time to introduce with this software. This software allows to create an attractive resume without any hassle. This is Mike Ceranski's resume Wizard. The wizard allows you to generate a resume and store it in the machine in HTML or text file and one can transfer it to website or can send the resume through E-mail. It allows you to have enough graphics and even background music too. One can customize each and every resume to be sent to target employer. It also allows you to create hyperlinks to other web sites and pages. There are six styles available, and each style has four to seven different color schemes. By using other combinations, one can have around 5,000 possible resume combinations. Spell check is also included. One more interesting thing i.e., one can make the resume private also. By checking the Search Bots Away checkbox, the wizard will insert the appropriate meta tag command that instructs search bots not to index your resume or follow any of the links embedded in it. And even one can insert the key words so that search bots index the resume the way you want. Resume Wizard includes built in FTP (File Transfer Protocol) services and can publish your resume and support graphics anywhere on the Web.It also allows you to send and receive the Fax. What if you are not having the Fax Number? There is a free service available on the Web which will provide you your own Fax Number and allows you to receive fax. More on this service in the coming issues. Resume Wizard is free and filesize is 4.6 Mb (available with me). 

Some Good Website/s:- www.manyquestions.com 

The site consist of the questions asked in the interviews. One can download FAQ's and can use their sample exam papers for preparation of exams.

Google, your favourite search engine, came up with a new service called as Image Search. one can search any image using this URL. It will give the thumbnail size images when you will give any query. One can select the image and can go to the site directly where the image is stored. Just try one search and see the amazing photos.

That's all for this week. See you on next week. Bye.


Quote of the Week:- 
"To have a grievance is to have a purpose in life."


LifeFx's Facemeil service helps us to send TALKING e-mail thru our normal e-mail accounts. At recepient's end, a face will read out the e-mail for him/her. This service provides many photo images (called as stand-ins) and one IBM's Text To Speech Engine. While typing the e-mail, we have to type emoticons (like :-), :-(, }-( etc.) and the face will show the emotions as typed(such as happy, anger, surprised etc.). So the face will read your message with the emotions. This makes the communication process more effective and will make it more life-like. One can add his/her own voice also. In this way if you are sending any message to your parents, they can listen your voice also. Service provider is also trying to add your face instead of stand-ins while sending the mail. For sending the Facemail, we have to download Facemail player (4.5 MB). After installation, we have to register with the service. Now we can compose the mail through their interface or through their site or even we can attach the button on OUTLOOK and can send the mail through this. Just we have to select the stand-ins and type the emoticons and type the message and then send it.

The recipient can collect the e-mail just like other e-mails but the contents of this mail will come as an attachment. One can download this attachment to the hard disk also. But for listening the mail, recipient should have the LifeFx player(332 KB). If you are having only LifeFx player, you can't send the mail(can only listen). 

One can experience this on the system ncsi-167. Just go to the file c:\madhuresh\facemail and double-click any message.


WebFerret is a Desktop Meta-Search Engine. It provides a handy and efficient way to find information on the Web. One can enter the search words and can choose from four radio buttons: All keywords, Any keyword, Exact phrase, or Boolean Expression. WebFerret will query popular search engines and will return an unlimited number of hits. One can validate selected results, save search history, and filter out pornography and foul language. Advanced features let one set the closeness of the match and remove duplicates. The results are returned as a sortable list. Just double-click on a link to bring up the browser and launch the page. The results can be imported as an HTML page with the clickable links and brief description of each page. When we see the results in the browser, it will divide the page into 2 parts. In one part, the link will be there and on clicking the link, one can see the result in another part. One can also set the maximum number of results or results per search engine. This Meta Search Engine is quite effective and very fast and also hassle free. I am using it from the past few months and it is giving quite good results comparing to other Meta Search Engines. One can check it on the system csi-149. 

Some Good Website/s:-

This is like a search engine of the words. Just type any word in the search interface and it will present different on line dictionaries sites where the word is listed. One can select any dictionary and can look the meaning of that word. 

www.handspeak.com HandSpeak is the largest, fast-growing popular visual language dictionary online. A visual language is a rich, multi-sensory form of communication, along with facial expression, body language, and even sound. Here each english word is expressed in visual language in the form of gif or jpg file. See the attached jpg file to know how to express "I LOVE YOU" by using your single hand.