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Current Issue (Issue 119)

Thought of the Week:- "True knowledge is when one knows the limitations of one's knowledge."
DB Cruiser:- http://www.maththinking.com/maththinking/dbcruiser.html Platform Independent. Shareware (Trial Version is available).

DB Cruiser is a web database access tool with reporting functionality. It allows access to SQL databases from web browsers and explore information about databases, view and manipulate data, generate reports, and load bulk data into tables. Any database with JDBC 2.0 or later version driver is supported can be accessed from web browsers without installing any software in the desktop PC. The software is having one HTML Report generator and it can generate the report in Spreadsheets also. Using this software, one can load bulk data in many formats, including spreadsheets, and user defined delimiters. It can also Transfer or Covert between Databases, or even between different database products. It also allows to enter and execute any standard SQL statements.

DB Cruiser is Install Once on the Server, Access From Anywhere via Browsers. Therefore, a project, even a whole organization, may need to install only one copy of DB Cruiser in a server for all the people in the project or organization to use. That means, by using DB Cruiser, a organization can save money for buying only one license, save time for installing only once, and save maintenance cost for maintaining only at one place. In addition exploring tables and stored procedures, execute SQL statements, display table column definitions, primary keys, foreign keys, and table indexes, etc., DB Cruiser has the following major features:

A uniform GUI to access different SQL databases products (like ORACLE, DB2 Universal Database (UDB), Sybase, MySQL, Informix, PostgreSQL, etc.)

Load bulk data, and Transfer/Convert data between databases.

Save query/listing results up to 6 different formats (HTML REPORT, Comma Separated Values (CSV), Tab Separated Values, Values separated by user specified delimiters, XML, SQL insert statements.

Manipulate CLOB (Character Large Object) and BLOB (Binary Large Object) easily

Search objects by patterns.

Navigating among parent/child table tree graphically.

A GUI Query Builder.

Mark and execute SQL statement(s).

Modify data graphically without writing any SQL statement.

Generate JavaBean (Data Object) for each table.

Insert new table rows Graphically without writing any SQL statement.

A GUI Administration Tool.

Flexible Login Method.

Display time used for every SQL statement(s) execution (in milliseconds).

The site also contains some other software like WebService Cruiser, eMail Cruiser and LDAP Cruiser, which are also worth exploring.


Site of the Week:- http://www.braintrack.com/

BRAINTRACK is a World's Education-Index covering 6900 Links to Higher Educational Institutions in 189 Countries. It provides the home page links to Universities, Colleges and Polytechnics. One can Search and Browse with Country wise and Region wise. By the way, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore is categorised as a college and IIT, Kanpur as a polytechnic.

That's all for this week. See you next week.

Madhuresh Singhal