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Current Issue (Issue 101)

Thought of the Week:- "You are in charge of your feelings, beliefs, and actions. And you teach others how to behave toward you. While you cannot change other people, you can influence them through your own behaviors and actions. By being a living role model of what you want to receive from others, you create more of what you want in your life."
Jetty:- http://jetty.mortbay.org/jetty/index.html Free, Open Source (10 MB). Platform Independent.

Jetty is both an HTTP Server (like apache ) and a Servlet Container (like tomcat) running as a single Java component. It can be used stand-alone to deploy the static content, servlets, JSPs and web applications. Alternatively, it can be embedded into Java application to add HTTP and Servlet capabilities. As Jetty is a Java HTTP Server and Servlet Container, there is no need to configure and run a seperate web server in order to use java, servlets and JSPs to generate dynamic content. Jetty is a fully featured web server for static and dynamic content. Unlike separate server/container solutions, this means that the web server and web application run in the same process, without interconnection overheads and complications. Furthermore, as a pure java component, Jetty can be simply included (embedded) in any application for demonstration, distribution or deployment. Jetty is available on all Java supported platforms.

Jetty can be used at two different levels: as the core HttpServer and the complete Jetty Server. The former provides an HTTP server with the ability to serve static content and servlets, whilst the latter supports richer configuration capabilities and the deployment of standard web applications. The advantages of the HttpServer is that it is lightweight and embeddable and is highly customizable while the Jetty Server has the added benefit of better support for configuration via XML. The other features of this software are:

A HTTP/1.1 server can be configured in a jar file under 300KB.

Jetty consistently benchmarks as one of the fastest servlet servers.

Jetty servers scale well to thousands of simultaneous connections.

Server performance degrades gracefully under stress.


Site of the Week:- http://www.tutorialfind.com/

Tutorialfind is an excellent learning website for finding tutorial on any topic. The tutorials are divided into various categories and subcategories. Apart from various areas of computer and Internet, it also covers Arts and Crafts; Health and Fitness; Home and Garden; Spoken Languages; Sports and Hobbies and such other topics.

That's all for this week. See you next week.

Madhuresh Singhal