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Current Issue (Issue 166)

Thought of the Week:- "Ability will never catch up with the demand for it."
TechAtlas:- http://webjunction.org/do/DisplayContent?id=1001 Free Service.

TechAtlas is a web-based planning tool that a nonprofit organization can use to assess current technology use and receive recommendations on how to better implement technology to achieve organization's mission. To make the most effective use of technology, one can start by assessing current capacity and then plan on how to improve it. TechAtlas assists your organization in doing this assessment and planning.

Based on your organization's responses, TechAtlas offers recommendations that can be customized and prioritized to best suit an agency's needs. Building on these recommendations, TechAtlas outlines a timeline and Action Plan your organization can edit and refine. In doing this, TechAtlas is designed to be used either: a) directly by a staff member at your nonprofit organization, or b) with the support of a technical assistance provider or consultant.

TechSurveyor, a tool contained within TechAtlas, is a free online resource to help you inventory and better manage the hardware and software in your organization. These two tools are meant to be coupled together to provide a comprehensive resource for strategic technology assessment and planning. TechSurveyor, individually, will help you zero in on your internal hardware, staff skills, and technology needs by guiding you through the following simple methodology:

CAPTURE: Get a current picture of your technology - capture a snapshot of your network setup, computer hardware and software, peripheral details and internet essentials.

DISCOVER: Survey your staff to discover their technology skills.

BUILD: See results of your efforts by building reports and construct a view of your technology system that highlights changes and issues.

The features of Techatlas and TechSurveyor are as below:

Automated TechSurveyor Inventory Tool - Quickly gather hardware and software information for your Windows-based computers with this easy-to-use tool.

Articles, Resources, and Worksheets - Glossary of Technology Terms, nonprofit-friendly explanations of technology concepts, and links to resources to learn more.

Total Cost of Ownership Calculator - This calculator and companion worksheet helps you understand (and budget for) the total cost of owning and maintaining computer technology.

Technology Budget Templates - Build on your Total Cost of Ownership knowledge and create a technology budget for your nonprofit.

Basic Interactive Technology Assessment (& Technology Project Recommendations) - Gives the idea whether your technology meets your organizationís needs and then give recommendations.

Staff Technology Skills Survey.

Project Prioritization Tool - Reflect your priorities in your Technology Plan with this tool.

Technology Plan Creator.


Site of the Week:- http://www.describethis.com/

The patent informatics and analysis component of the BIOS (Biological Innovation for Open society) initiative aims to assist both professionals and non-professionals to understand and navigate the intellectual property landscape within the life sciences. It offers Free Full-text Life Science Patent Database. One can also do a Full Text Search in WO, US, EP and AU Patents. Also Full Text of patents can be retrieved by patent number. One has the option of Simple Search, Structured Search and Expert search. The site also provides detail of IP Policies & Practices and Tutorials about IP.

That's all for this week. See you next week.

Madhuresh Singhal