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Current Issue (Issue 153)

Thought of the Week:- "Prosperity depends more on wanting what you have than having what you want."
PhpCollab:- http://www.php-collab.com/ Open Source (891 KB).

phpCollab is an open-source internet-enabled collaboration workspace for project teams. It is a Project Management Software. Modeled on Macromedia Sitespring, phpCollab architecture allows for the consulting team to share information with each other in one space and publish that information, when desired, to another space for the client. phpCollab encompasses the most important aspects of project management, such as task planning and document sharing, and hooks into other open source applications for bug tracking and content management, for ongoing project support. The features of the software are -


Updates: automatic system updates to the latest available version.

Themes: availability of interface themes.

Permissions: permission for different types of users.

Logs: track user activity.

Database: backup data.

Settings: manage system settings such as default language and file size allowance.


Team/Client: 2 distinct sites - one for project team information and one for client team information.

Notifications: automated notifications of project changes and events through email.

Project Lifecycle: customizable organization (through phases, tasks, and subtasks).

Planning: manage assignments, monitor task status, track estimate vs actual work.

Graphical View: JPGraph graphically maps task progress.

Scope Creep: automatic display of difference between project estimates and recorded actuals.

Documents: file storage, versioning, peer reviews.

Support: manage and respond to support requests.

Bug tracking: manage software issues through integrated Mantis.

Discussions: open and post to a project bulletin board.

Notes: record miscellaneous project information.

Reports: produce project statistics.

Calendar: visually track assignments and add milestones and recurring project events.

Bookmarks: record and share important web site addresses.

Search: search system on keyword basis.

Export: save project file as a CSV.


Tasks: view existing and post new tasks.

Documents: upload new files, approve or edit existing documents.

Bulletin Board: open new and contribute to discussions.

Support: file support requests and view responses.


Site of the Week:- http://sarovar.org/

Sarovar.org is India's first portal to host projects under Free/Open source licenses. It is located in Trivandrum, India and hosted at Asianet data center. Sarovar.org is customised, installed and maintained by Linuxense as part of their community services and sponsored by River Valley Technologies. It is India's Sourceforge. It is currently hosting 177 free/open source projects, basically developed/developing by Indians.

That's all for this week. See you next week.

Madhuresh Singhal