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Current Issue (Issue 146)

Thought of the Week:- "While we may not be able to control all that happens to us, we can control what happens inside us."
PractiSearch:- http://practisearch.com/ Free(1 MB). Windows all version.

PractiSearch is a unique web search helper that simplifies the way to access your favorite online search engines and information resources. It allows you to start a web search with a selected word or term by simply using a hotkey or a mouse click. The program works from within any application, not only web browser, so one can use it to look up text from email messages, Word documents etc. It supports many popular internet search engines by default, including Google, News sites, Dictionaries, Translations and much more, and you can also add your own entries to the list. Additional features include a handy search basket, a quick list to select from resources, other than the user defined default and support for custom browsers. A nice tool, that makes it a lot easier to find things, without having to use an additional search interface.

The main task of the PractiSearch is to start a web search of a selected text with a hotkey or a mouse click, thus providing the quickest way of searching. One can get the translation in any foreign language with a single click. The software has inbuilt resources of search engines, translators, dictionaries, news sites, online shops, software archives, entertainment portals etc. The features of the software are:

Start the search in the default resource (Google) immediately by highlighting a text in any application and pressing Ctrl+C+C or Ctrl+Ins+Ins.

Use other customizable hotkeys to start searching the default resource or any other resource of your choice from any Windows application.

Use customizable hotkeys to send the text to the Search Bar.

Movable SearchBasket for receiving text with the help of drag-and-drop.

Double-click the Practisearch icon in the system tray to open a SearchBar to edit or enter the text to be searched.

Use a movable SearchBasket for the drag-and-drop search.

Large database of popular internet resources available for search.

Users can easily add their own resources into PractiSearch.

Easy import/export of the resources and sharing them with your friends by e-mail.

Search a group of selected resources simultaneously.

Add resources to the Internet Explorer context menu.

Select a custom browser.


Site of the Week:- http://www.newssearchportal.com/

This is a News search portal. In a single page, it provides the resources to find the news. The page gives the listing of resources categorically like Video News Search, Audio News Search, Newsradio search, Newstv search, News Photos Search, News search engine, News search in Blogs, News search Toolbars, Search for RSS Feeds, Search in XML Feeds, RSS News Readers, Desktop News Software, News Agencies Search, News Alert by email, News Search in Groups and News Search Software.

That's all for this week. See you next week.

Madhuresh Singhal