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Current Issue (Issue 116)

Thought of the Week:- "The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is you."
AdaURL:- http://www.adaurl.com/ Free (1.4 MB). Windows any version.

AdaURL is a freeware program through that, one can register web pages with the various Search Engines at the same time. This software supports all of the major search engines and can even just select the engines that only relate to the content of your website. There is full save functionality to let you reload your submissions whenever needed and one can use up to 20 connections at once and select all the chosen search engines simultaneously. The features of the software are -

META tags generator to help optimize the search engine listings.

FAST concurrent submissions to 20 engines at a time.

Detailed submission reports.

Proxy server support.

Smart Category selection. Select one category and AdaURL will find the best one for each engine.

Here is the detail of the various screens being offered by the software.

Site Details Screen: Comprehensive Details are entered for each URL. The information is stored in a project file, and is used by AdaURL to ensure submission only to appropriate catagories and sites.
Company/Contact Details Screen: Company and Contact details can be entered for listing in Yello-Pages type indexes.
Engine Selector Screen: AdaURL will sugest a list of the most appropriate sites based on your site content, and keep a history of previous submissions for each engine.
Category Selector: After categorizing the site once AdaURL will automatically submit the URL to the most appropriate section of each engine. AdaURL has an exact map file for each engine which tells it which categories the engine supports and how and where to submit your URL.
Keyword Manager: To ensure the optimum indexing of your page, AdaURL can examine the page being submitted and compile a list of keywords. It will also generate HTML META tags which may be inserted into the document. These tags are used by indexing spiders to correctly process the submitted page.
Submission Progress Status: AdaURL will submit the site concurrently to 20 engines at a time. The status of each submission can be monitored in real time via the progress status screen.


Site of the Week:- http://www.webdesignhelper.co.uk/

This site is a free resource featuring numerous templates, Web graphics, fonts, and a number of other useful items that can be used to create a complete Web site. The template section alone contains more than 200 free templates which are divided into full-page templates, horizontal menus, vertical menus, table templates, Flash templates and PowerPoint templates. The Web graphics and fonts section contains numerous fonts, icons (with such popular images as tables, graphs, and charts), arrows, cliparts, and buttons. It also offers Tutorials and Scripts and large collection of Webmaster resources. For users with queries, an online forum is also available where users can submit and read questions. Lastly, there is an area where advanced users can submit their own contributions for inclusion on the site.

That's all for this week. See you next week.

Madhuresh Singhal