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Current Issue (Issue 115)

Thought of the Week:- "The door to success is marked - 'Push' and 'Pull'".
CLIPTRAY:- http://cliptray.f2o.org/ Free (391 KB). Windows any version.

CLIPTRAY is a small taskbar application that maintains a history of all the Clipboard operations. Then one can recover an old or previously copied element and re-use it with their own way. Windows Clipboard can store only one clip but CLIPTRAY can store any number of clips. It supports multiple Clipboard: Text, RTF, HTML, Images, Files and Wave Sound. A Personal History is also available in that one can store persistent "Clips". It also offers a series of features. For example - a clip can be renamed, deleted (or clear all the Clips at once), sent by mail. For a text clip, one can change its contents in UPPERCASE, lowercase, Sentence case, Mixed Case etc. For a Link Clip, one can open it in same or a new browser window. One can also view the following properties of a clip -

Format (Text, RTF, HTML, ...).

Source (If is available it's the application who set the Clip in the Clipboard).

Length of the contents (Text, RTF, HTML and Link), Size for image and number of objects for Files.

State (Currently or not in the Clipboard).

Date and Time of the captured Clip.

CLIPTRAY can also take a Screen capture or Window capture.

RestoreBack:- http://www.aniyog.com/restoreback.htm Free (150 KB). Windows any version.

RestoreBack is a disk backup utility written in Java programming language. This program lets you create backup of the files and folders on your disk painlessly. This program lets you archive all your selected files and folders to a single .zip archive. The program also allows you to update your archive when the files or folders that you backed up previously (using this program) undergo any change on your disk. Java Runtime System should be installed to use this utility.

Note-it Post-it Notes:- http://www.bysoft.se/sureshot/noteit/ Free (206 KB). OS Independent.

Note-it Post-it Notes provides a quick and easy way to organize ideas, just like the paper Postit Notes floating on your desktop. In other words it is the perfect replacement of the classic yellow sticky note on your desktop. With sticky notes reminders on your PC desktop you will never forget the most important meetings, ideas and thoughts. Java Runtime Environment 1.4 or higher is required to use this utility.


Site of the Week:- http://www.addall.com

AddALL is a free service that searches for the best deal in books anywhere on-line. It was built by book buyers for book buyers. AddALL is an independent and impartial web site, not owned by any bookstore. The search result is therefore totally objective. One can use it to search for any book, comparing the prices and services among 41 on-line bookstores. This means that one can find the best offer for the book needed without needing to visit 41 booksites, one by one. AddALL provides new, used and rare book searches. One can also have the price displayed in the currency of their choice, along with the delivery charge and sales tax applicable. AddALL searches all the data bases of all the major on-line bookstores. This makes it the biggest book database on the Internet.

That's all for this week. See you next week.

Madhuresh Singhal